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Essay TitleWords
The Advantages Of Stupidity937
The American Oligarchy927
The Canadian Senate208
The Case For Capital Punishmen1098
The Censorship Of Art2939
The Civil War357
The College Scandal1955
The Communication Decency Act: The Fight For Freedom Of Speech On The Internet1816
The Communications Decency Act1736
The Corruption Of Power498
The Crucible591
The Death Penalty1984
The Doctrine Of Fascism1428
The Drinking Age1304
The Drinking Age: An 18-Year-Olds Right1949
The Drinking Age: Legal Age Should Be 18694
The Electoral College System1193
The Equal Rights Amendment1105
The Evolution Of Inequality In1995
The FAA1103
The Factors That Gave Rise To Japanese Militarism598
The Failures Of Affirmative Action1627
The Fatal Addiction392
The Federal Bureau Of Investigation1113
The First Amendment: Free Of Expression1137
The First Amendment: Sex, Laws, And Cyberspace1305
The Formation Of An Independent Country: A Case Study Of The Republic Of Korea And America1879
The Framing Of The Constiution1720
The Government Should Make Use Of Revenue Sharing635
The Harmful Effects Of Body Pi482
The Hippie Movement That Arose From Vast Political Changes3206
The History Of Affirmative Action1485
The Inequality Of American Jus942
The Law Enforcement Profession1668
The Legalization Of Marijuana: Pros And Cons807
The Library Of Congress2772
The Need For Congress In The U.S1764
The Need For Stricter Gun Laws638
The Potential For A U.N. Peace4194
The Presidency And Inexperience1705

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