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Essay TitleWords
"The Watergate Complex Is A Series Of Modern Buildings With Balconies That Looks Like Filed Down Shark's Teeth"2139
"The World Today Seems To Be Going Crazy": The Unabomber's Manifesto3355
Aaron Burr And Alexander Hamilton's Duel601
America As We Know It Includes A Vast Network Of Representative Governments439
American History Immigration And Discrimination In The 1920's545
American Republican Ideology1867
Bacon's Rebellion762
Bacon’s Rebellion2865
Battle Of Saratoga708
Benjamin Franklin's Albany Plan Of Union1716
Causes Of The Civil War396
Causes Of The Great Depression3514
Changes During The 1950s-1990s673
Conflicts Between The North And The South795
Critque The Efficiency Of Of FDR's Administration At Alleviating The Suffering Of The Great Depression401
Earthquake San Francisco- 1906410
Events Leading To The American Revolution1003
Evolution Of Ford Motor Company755
Fort Pillow Attack1301
Frederick Douglass' Speech For Individual Rights1234
Government Lies From Vietnam2143
Is FDR To Blame For The Bombing At Pearl Harbor?693
Japanese Americans During WWII2005
Just War Doctrine And The Gulf Conflict1260
Ku Klux Klan345
Lincoln's Legacy351
Native Americans4958
Prisoners Of War543
Slavery And The Underground Railroad1499
The 1960's2505
The American Colonies986
The Battle Of Gettysburg803
The Battle Of Salerno480

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