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Essay TitleWords
The Boston Massacre1879
The Boston Massacre340
The Civil War359
The Constitution: Discord And Tension In 18502839
The Controversial New Deal689
The Debut Of Television In America787
The Declaration Of Independence742
The Evolution Of The Monroe Doctrine3059
The French And Indian War283
The Great Depression903
The Great Inflation2291
The History Of The Ku Klux Klan397
The History Of The Panama Canal869
The Indians And Losing Their Homes1391
The JFK Assassination: Conspiracy Or Single-Gunman?1383
The Journey Of Lewis And Clark1011
The Native Americans Had All Rights To Their Lands367
The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute1886
The New Deal852
The Petersburg Campaign2303
The Presidency Of Andrew Jackson603
The Progressive Era1003
The Progressive Era2181
The Puritans And The Salem Witch Trials3775
The Reformation1396
The Roswell UFO Crash1316
The Salem Witch Trials1004
The Shooting Down Of An Iranian Airliner By The USS Vincennes1145
The Slave Trade And Its Effects On Early America1225
The Turbulent Sixties1637
The Turning Point Of The Civil War1350
The U.S. Entering World War II1264
The United States' Involvement In World War 23457
The White Man's Abuse On The Lands1044
To The People Of Texas And All Americans In The World: The Alamo2114
Vietnam War Memorial - Powerful Granite879
What Is Meant By The Era Of Good Feelings1110
What Really Happened At Roswell, New Mexico?1086

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