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Beginning of Paper
Bacon’s Rebellion

Governor Berkeley, the man in charge of running Virginia in the representation of the interests of the Virginia Company had total control of this colony since he was there and the Virginia company was in England. Due to Having this power for more than thirty years was able to dominate all of th ....

Middle of Paper
.... these people driving the to take violent action. However it also suggests that one part of this group had enough land and were wealthy, they were the upper class created by Berkeley himself in the form of the Tidewater elite. Indians are plundered by the white Frontiersman; frontiersman are taxed and controlled by the Jamestown elite{tidewater gentleman] the entire colony is exploited by English commercial interests and the crown through their monopoly pricing power. Zinn refers to this as the “chain of oppression” in which it was dog eat dog and the only you could have gotten up us by opp ....

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