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Asthma is a condition of the bronchial tubes characterized by episodes of constriction and increased mucous production. A person with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super sensitive to various stimuli, or triggers, that can produce asthma symptom. In other words, asthmatics have special sensitivity that causes their lung tissu ....

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.... of the bronchial tubes start to tighten and narrow when they are exposed to a trigger when this bronchospasm occurs, air can’t flow into or out of the lungs. To make matters worse, mucous enters the narrowed bronchial tubes and plugs them up, causing a further decrease in air flow. The bronchial tubes seem to close down, and air moving through these narrowed breathing passages can cause wheezing which is a high-pithched-whistlelike sound. Wheezing can be loud enough to be heard across a room, or it can be so slight that is takes a stethoscope ....

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