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A deeper look at "Gimple the Fool" At one time or another, everyone, in their life, has looked down upon someone because that someone isn't as rich, attractive, or even as intelligent as most people. People do this without any regard to the people's feeling, and without ever imagining what it is lik ....

Middle of Paper
.... that he is the butt of another joke, but the worst is still to come. After a lifetime of torment, the townsfolk thought up an elaborate scheme to top all schemes. They talked Gimpel into marrying the town's whore and convincing him that if he didn't marry her then the rabbi would fine him for giving her a bad name. Gimpel, with the thought, "They're set on making me their butt. But when you're married the husband's the master, and if that's all right with her it's agreeable to me too", set out to fetch his wife (Singer 1072). Although Gimpel faced tricks everyday, th ....

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