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Beginning of Paper
"To Build a Fire"

The human body is astonishing. Even with its ability to regulate its temperature, to a certain extent, we can only survive in an extremely low range of temperature. Once this range of temperatures has been exceeded, the human body begins to loss certain function essential for survival. ....

Middle of Paper
.... fingers back in the mitten and removes his other hand to finish his lunch. However, when the man tries to take a bite from the biscuit, the ice muzzle stopped him. "He had forgotten to build a fire and thaw out" (p.227). This was the first in a series of mistakes which led to his death. The next thing to be affected by the cold was his awareness. This is demonstrated when the man attempts build the next fire under a spruce tree. "Each time he had pulled a twig off, he had communicated a slight agitation to the tree---an imperceptible agitation, so far as he was concerned in, but an agit ....

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