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Computer Viruses

It is morning. You awaken to the sweet smell of flowers and the sound of birds chirping. You turn on your new I B M compatible computer only to find that every bit and byte of information has been erased. A computer virus has Yes, these small bits of computer code have slowl ....

Middle of Paper
.... is protected with a vaccine. A typical computer virus spreads faster than the chicken pox too. Now as I said before when a computer virus attempts to infect another computer the attack is not always successful. However that does not mean the infected computer stops trying. An infected computer will pass on the virus every chance it gets. Computer viruses are spread by two methods Floppy disks and modems. A modem is a phone link connected to a bulletin board service (B.B.S.). A B.B.S. is a lot like what it sounds, a bulletin board. If a person calls you and you're not home he lea ....

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