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Almost all of the pharoes befpore Akhenaton had believed in the old multiple god system of Egypt. But Akhenaton was the first to proclaim that Aton was the only true god and he also changed egytian art and literature. Akhenaton was also called Amenhotep IV, he was pharaoh of Egypt from about 1350 to 1334 BC. Akhenaton was the son of ....

Middle of Paper
.... he ordered the obliteration of all traces of the polytheistic religion of his ancestors. He also fought bitterly against the powerful priests who attempted to maintain the worship of the state god Amon, or Amen. This religious revolution had a profound effect on Egyptian artists, who turned from the ritualistic forms to which they had been confined, to a much more realistic representation of nature as evidence of the all-embracing power of the sun, Aton A new religious literature also arose. While he was busy instating new religious customs ....

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