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Changing of Values From The Hellenic Period To The Hellenistic Period

In the following essay I am going to be discussing how values changed from the Hellenic period to the Hellenistic period, and what factors led to those changes. The values I will be looking at include how humanism changed to individualism, how idealism changed to re ....

Middle of Paper
.... Idealism is the belief that the world should be perfect. Idealism evolved into realism. Realism is the belief that you should accept the world for what it is and not what it is should be. An example of idealism is that everybody should work in harmony to improve the Greek city-state. Realism was accepting the fact that the world could not be perfect. One of the finally changes in the Hellenic and Hellenistic values was the evolution from rationalism to empiricism. Rationalism is the belief that people should use there minds and logic to figure things out. Rationalism was th ....

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