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Barbiturate. Now where would you think of a name like that? Legend has it that this drug was derived when a 29 year old research assistant, Adolph von Baeyer, was working in his Belgian laboratory in 1863 when he took the condensation of malonic acid and combined it with Urea. Von Baeyer went downtown to a local pub to celebrate whe ....

Middle of Paper
.... loss of co-ordination, slurred speech, and give the appearance of being drunk. The lethal dose is especially close to the normal dose that is why it is very risky to use barbiturates. On the street, barbiturates are classified by their color such as “blues” which are amytal, and “yellow jackets” which are nembutal, or “red birds” or “red devils” which are seconal red. Barbiturates can be classified as short acting (4 hours or less), intermediate acting (4-6 hours), and long acting (6 hours or more.) Also, there is a special Ultra-Short category, which happens before the full inje ....

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