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Acupuncture Alternative medicine, long dismissed by mainstream doctors, is getting a second look as many people in the United States have turned to acupuncture to treat a variety of problems. Proponents of acupuncture have accumulated many statistics and surveys in favor of this ancient method. Even though, many medical pro ....

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.... believe that either yin or yang, whose balance affects everything in the universe, influences each of the body's organs. They also believe that the body is full of pathways of energy called qi. Acupuncture restores the normal energy flow of qi that in turn helps the yin or yang, or the organ. Qi can be found on any of the 400 different acupuncture points on 14 meridians, or energy channels in the body (Abrams 102). The Western model of acupuncture is very different than that of Asia. Doctors in the United States have discovered that natural pain-blocking chemicals, endo ....

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