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Are UFOs Real?

Unidentified Flying Objects are supposed space vehicles sent to earth from elsewhere in the universe. These are just one of the unknown mysteries of the world today and has been for quite some time. From as far back as biblical times people have generally believed in the existence of demons, ghosts dragons, fa ....

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.... could even possibly be real. To begin with lets examine just how UFO's and the big phenomenon came about. As we know man has traditionally been known to construct a myth if there is something he can not explain, and UFO's are one of them. The year that UFO's became so very popular was the year 1947. The book UFO's: The Modern Myth states the truth very clearly. It reads, "The time was ripe for the concept, as it was for witchcraft in 1692. Man was already contemplating space exploration, so why not space travel in reverse (Sagan and Page 125)? Needless to say the age of flying s ....

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