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2 Face Hip Hop

Of all the music that is played, hip hop is the type of music that gets me going. I see hip hop as two faces…the mainstream side where fame and paper presidents take place. The underground hip hop where concerts and appearances on songs create their fame. Some artists do shows where they get ....

Middle of Paper
.... 2). In my opinion, music is what you enjoy and like. For me, the underground will always be with me. Emcees like Eminem have to do what they do. That’s how life is and can’t do anything about it. Of all, music should be all for the love and because you want to do it. Not because of the money and fame it can provide for you. Works Cited 1. MTV’s FANATIC. MTV Television series, Oceanside, California. 25 February 2000. 2. Buck65. “Questions & Answers.” 1 March 2000. Personal e-mail. (4 March 2000). ....

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