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It may just be an unescapable human trait, or it could be that we have psychologically evolved less than we actually believe, but the tendency for human beings to search for other reasons and explanations for bad incidents has alway been present. The book, "The Crucible," by Arthur Miller, focuses on the Salem Witch trials. The book was w ....

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.... "have the same moral background as the rest of us." Bill Davenport, a Baptist pastor in San Clemente, confidently asserted that the killers didn't value life, "because they haven't been taught about God." Jerry Falwell suggested that the killers were gay, a cry taken up in a press release from Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church: "Two filthy fags slaughtered 13 people at Columbine High." Now lets travel back in time to another era. Europe had similar problems towads the end of the middle ages. The mass hysteria surrounding witchcraft caused many people to be accused as witch ....

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