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Anarchy: noun. 1. Absence of any form of political authority. 2. Political disorder and confusion. 3. Absence of any cohering principle, as a common standard or purpose. [Greek anarkhia, without a ruler] (American Heritage Dictionary). Anarchy is a political philosophy shrouded in misconception. This misconception is caused by the diversit ....

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.... power. " The Spanish Revolution of 1936-1939 held close anarchy ties between 'Benedict Arnolds,' " says Patrick Brenner in Black Rose. The Spanish Revolution set the stage for the most widely known large-scale manifestation of anarchism, the theory of anarchy itself. Prominent anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman participated in a variety of radical causes throughout the early 1900's. Goldman held rallies and protests for women's rights and "free Love." She was imprisoned several times and had sex to raise money for protests. ....

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