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Arches and Vaults in Architecture

Arch and Vault, a fundamental construction system in architecture used to span the space between walls, piers, or other supports and to create a roof or a ceiling. Until the 19th century the arch and vault were the only alternative to the far more limited and simpler post-and-lintel system ....

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.... If the space between the arch and the lintel is filled in, the resulting flat surface is the tympanum. Arches have been built since prehistoric times. Rude prototypes were made by leaning two slabs of rock together or by constructing a stepped, or corbeled, arch in which projecting elements from a wall rise in steps from the supports to meet in the center. The Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks used the arch, generally for secular structures, such as storerooms and sewers. The Assyrians built palaces with arched ceilings, and the Etruscans used arches in b ....

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