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Every country has one or more folk dances. Each one is performed differently than the other, although they might have originated from similar backgrounds. One dance that particularly captures my attention is the Capoeira. The Capoeira is a Brazilian folk dance that started out as a fierce form of self-defense and has now becom ....

Middle of Paper
.... in the quilombos. Since these quilombos were often chased after and hunted down, the Capoeira was used more as a fighting style instead of a dance. Then in the 1800s, the Capoeira was outlawed in all of Brazil, but it was later surpressed because its frequent hidden practice could not be controlled, so the government decided to allow it again if it was not used violently. Today, the Capoeira consists of a stylized dance, practiced in a circle with sound background provided by percussion or non-percussion instruments. Capoeira relies heavily on kicks and leg swee ....

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