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When I finally got to the museum, I drug my feet a bit at the thought of having to take another art history class and about having to write another art history paper. I flashed my yellow pass and got my clearance to enter. I clamped the DAM purple badge to my oversized jacket and was on my way to the ....

Middle of Paper
.... scroll. The exposed part of the scroll is one foot high and four feet from left to right. To the far right the re-scroll had a few feet rolled up into a tube. To the left an unknown amount of the scroll is still hidden from view. It looks like at least another fifteen feet. Black ink is applied delicately on the buff and textured paper. The paper reminds me of brown paper bags for lunch, but lighter. It also appeared to have the same smooth yet fuzzy texture to it. The brush strokes consist of mostly horizontal motions. The strokes are rather equal with each other. ....

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